China Sprocket & Chain # 240A54, No. 240 – 3″ Pitch – Plain Bore Sprockets With High Quality Cheap sales price cost near me shop Custom roller size allowed

China Sprocket & Chain # 240A54, No. 240 - 3

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All Standard single-strand roller chain, standardized by ASME, is an assembly of alternating pin links and roller links. The distance between pin centers is called the pitch. The pitch is what categorizes the size of the chain. The larger the pitch, the higher the load rating. Chains with small pitches carry smaller loads, operate more quietly, and at higher speeds. Multi-strand, small-pitch roller chains are a good solution for high-load, high-speed applications.dimensions are nominal values and for reference only


Chain Technical Data

Sprocket Diameters


Stock Bore Diameter

1.500 in



No. Teeth



1022.000 lb

Tooth Nominal Width

1.738 in

Hardened Teeth


Chain Technical Data


3.000 in

Chain Size


Sprocket Diameters

Outside Diameter

53.310 in

Pitch Diameter

51.595 in

Caliper Diameter

49.720 in

China Sprocket & Chain # 240A54, No. 240 - 3

China Sprocket & Chain # 240A54, No. 240 - 3

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